Last update 9.6.2004
- 18.-20.6.2004 = Internal meeting. We will discuss our future and the future of our famouse magazine "Top Secret". Sad to say, we won't keep Amiga Positive, because of Bolda.

- We are proud to welcome new members: Lahve, the founder of HLA has joined again due to Reason melt. It means Lahve relahved and Reason Terminated :) Second new member is Factor6, the musician. He was also in Reason. Enjoy HLA!

- We are going to change the slogan. Stay tuned.

- Syndeecate Apocalypse 2003 Invitation Intro launched.

- We are thinking about joining to another group. We are too small and without usable coder

- Cybo : new member from Serbia, graphician. The first member from abroad.

- Bolda is in mad-house again: Welcome :(

- Bolda is back from mad-house: Welcome!

- Syndeecate Apocalypse 2003 is near. HLA is Amiga section organizer and contribution collector. For more details visit Don't forget to register yourself if you want to come!

- HLA is working on Invitation Intro for Syndeecate Apocalypse 2003 for the Amiga.

- a lot of members were kicked out due to inactivity. HLA has only seven members (seven braves :)

2 O O 3

d e c e m b e r
- Amiga Positive #16 launched (after long time..)

2 O O 2

a p r i l
- Jimi kicked due inactivity

m a r c h
- amiga positive#15 mag released

f e b r u a r y
- sobol kicked due inactivity

j a n u a r y
- delihc left

2 O O 1

d e c e m b e r
- new and better piXie's page design on new and better server
- bolda elected leader

n o v e m b e r
- stomex joined as musician
- teddy kicked due inactivity
- pixie make new image for hLA WWW site
- amiga positive#14 mag released
- Thorgal kicked due inactivity

s e p t e m b e r
- teddy joined as coder

j u n e
- amiga positive#13 mag released
- sabotage #2 packmag released (spreaded by swap only)

m a y
- sabotage#1 released
- thorgal joined as coder/graphician/tracer
- flegy joined as editor
- 64k intro "motion blur" released at apocalypse`2k
- apocalypse`2k was organized

a p r i l
- sabotage#1 packmag released (spreaded by swap only)
- tdm joined as musician
- wendy has joined as editor

m a r c h
- jave and amigo left

f e b r u a r y
- subwork changed his handle back to lahve
- "top secret #last" (diskmag) was released
- subwork gave group-leadering to bolda

j a n u a r y
- reason group founded by subwork and godjr^i2k

2 O O O

d e c e m b e r
- thierry has joined as coder
- "top secret #20" - guide version (diskmag) was released

n o v e m b e r
- sobol has joined as graphician, tracer and musician
- "salvation" (ppc dentro) was released at satellite`99 party
- subwork and dizzy attended the satellite`99 party in szczecin (poland)

o c t o b e r
- lahve changed his nick to subwork

s e p t e m b e r
- lahve starts to swap
- vir (webmaster) has joined
- horizontal lamerz organized apocalypse`99 party (czech republic)
- "top secret #19" (diskmag) was released at apocalypse`99 party
- "smoked" (128k intro) was released at apocalypse`99 party (3rd place)

a u g u s t
- 100% remake of hla pages
- apocalypse`99 invitation was released at mip`99

j u n e
- pixie (graphician) has joined
- "top secret #18" (diskmag) released

m a y
- brooch won 1st place in "3d pictures" and "2d animations" compos at males`99 in male svatonovice (czech republic)
- pm (coder) was kicked

a p r i l
- wertexx (tracer) left
- 100% remaking of horizontal lamerz web site
- deli hc (musician) has joined
- jimi pow (musician) has joined
- "top secret #17" (diskmag) released

m a r c h
- jave (coder) has joined
- amigo (tracer) has joined
- "top secret #16" (diskmag) released

j a n u a r y
- bolda (coder, editor) and enif (coder) has joined
- brooch (tracer, graphician) has joined

1 9 9 9

n o v e m b e r
- dron (tracer) changed his handle to wertexx
- hologram (swapper, editor) left
- zuzi (swapper), gargamel (swapper) and plk (tracer) were kicked

o c t o b e r
- dron (tracer) has joined

m a y
- horizontal lamerz group has created by hologram, lahve and dizzy!